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 Preview Willemen Online Order System
Ordering articles using the Willemen Online Order System is basically a 3-step proces:

 1. Logging in
 2. Collecting articles for your order
 3. Placing your order

In the following series of screenshots and guiding text,
we will show how a typical order is placed.
Step 1 Log in using your personal username and password.
These will be provided to you on request.
  If you have several stores, a next window will allow you to select the store you'd like to order for.
Step 2 Collect articles to be included in your order.
There are 3 ways to do this, and they can be used combined in any order:
a) By choosing order in the menu, selecting the productgroup of your choice, entering the desired quantities in the boxes and clicking Add to order.

Clicking an article number will bring up a window with the article details.

b) By choosing quick order in the menu, entering the desired quantities and article numbers directly in the boxes, selecting the appropriate colors and clicking Add to order.

If you mistakenly enter an article number that does not exist (or select a color in which the article does not come), direct feedback will be provided to you so you can correct your mistake.

c) By choosing search in the menu, entering (part of) an article number and/or a keyword (for searching article descriptions) to search for and clicking Search.

A list with matching articles will be presented to you. After entering the desired quantities and selecting the desired colors, clicking Add to order will add these articles to your order.

Step 3 When you feel your order is complete, you can choose your order in the menu after which a complete list of all articles in your order is presented.

(this screen will also be shown each time you've added articles in Step 2).
  Clicking Proces order will take you to the next screen. Here your complete order is shown again, with VAT and delivery costs calculated.

You will have the option to enter your own reference, a preferred delivery date and some remarks, and request catalogs to go with your order.
  Clicking Order now will proces your order.

Your order will be confirmed and you will have the option to order for another store (if you have more than 1) or print the order for your administration.